Derelict Boats

PHARA scores Grant to Start Dealing with Derelict Vessels

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Federal Government supports Pender Harbour Study of two derelict boats in Pender Harbour
The Pender Harbour and Area Residents’ Association is pleased to announce that the Federal Government has agreed to provide $10,000 to kick off the first phase of PHAC’s new program for dealing with derelict boats in Pender Harbour.  The study will attack the two most objectionable and long-standing examples of derelict boats:  the Lulu Island and the Kwatna.

The local MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones was in Madeira Park to deliver the good news. The federal Abandoned Boats Program (ABP) provides grant and contribution funding to assist in the removal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats posing a hazard in Canadian waters. The ABP has two key components:

  • The assessment and removals (A&R) component funds boat removal assessments, and 75% of the permanent removal and disposal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats.
  • The education, awareness and research (EA&R) component

PHARA, under the leadership of Board members Eliza Kinley & Penny Harrison, applied for a grant under the A&R Section and has been awarded $10,000 towards the assessment of two abandoned boats. The next step is the actual assessment, including the cost of disposal. After that comes the grant application for disposing of them. PHARA is undertaking this endeavour on behalf of the PH community and all boaters in Pender Harbour.

For more information contact: Alan Stewart, President Pender Harbour and Area Residents’ Association – Madeira Park Mobile: (604) 740-2353 E-mail:  Facebook: