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By filling out the form on your right, and sending in your membership fee, as outlined below, you are also entitled to comment on issues of importance in the Harbour.  The “Community Chat”” area will be live, soon.


Why being a member of PHARA matters?

You are:

– gaining a stake and voice in local affairs and the direction and future of the area

– helping the association gain more recognition, influence and credibility by regional, provincial and federal governments through our numerical strength than would be possible as an individual

– enabling the association to have a closer link and therefore more impact with our Area A director, our MLA and MP

– helping assure our communities are appropriately consulted when it comes to issues that affect us

– better able to know and understand the issues and receive accurate information and resources through regular communications from the association

– helping your association meet the needs of the community and keep residents informed of what’s happening in your neighbourhood

– helping protect and preserve the area in which we live

– showing that you care about your community

Ways to Join:
The Pender Harbour and Area Residents Association (PHARA) draws its main funding from its $10.  per person membership fee.  This year, moving to electronic renewal, we are asking all members of the community who support our work to remit $10. per person or $100. for a lifetime membership to us in one of the following ways:

  • send $10. as an Interac e-Transfer® through your bank account, online to  (this is the preferred option, you may need to email us the answer to a “secret question”)
  • call your bank, either through telephone banking or through a call to the branch and ask them to implement the transfer for you
  • drop into your bank and ask them to implement the transfer for you
  • Use the form below, with a cheque

You can join by registering on the website and submitting your payment via one of the option given or by sending us the below information in an email or a note along with your payment via one of the options listed above.

Pender Harbour and Area Residents Association (


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