Due to the distances from Egmont/Pender Harbour/Middlepoint from existing public transit, there is no real alternative to driving our own vehicles.  Extensive past efforts have been made to implement a bus service to Sechelt, but the logistics, distances and lack of ridership have made the economics of regular bus service unworkable. Existing taxi service is extremely expensive and based in Sechelt. There is limited service to points north and south via the Sunshine Coast Connector, but that service offers only one trip north and one trip south each day and is unaffordable for most. Ridesharing is one option, but difficult to organize. One potential solution is a Uber-type taxi service with local drivers.  The last time we took a serious look at transportation here was 2014.  What do you think?

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  • Jessica Ashlee McGuire

    As a granddaughter of an ageing grandmother, I would absolutely be ecstatic at the idea of an Uber or Uber-type taxi service for her.
    Thank you!

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