About Us

PHARA Executive Mission Statement

President: Peter Robson

Vice President: Guy Halford-Thompson

Secretary: Vacant 

Membership: Sage Robson

Treasurer: John Verver

Directors at Large

Ron Badley

Bill Charlton

Eliza Kinley     

Sean McAllister

Kim Allinson



The Association exists to support the vitality of the communities of Pender Harbour and Egmont areas as excellent places to live, work and play for residents and visitors. The Association will provide Pender Harbour and Egmont areas with a structure that allows residents to identify issues of broad community concern through public forums where citizens can express their views and be confident those will be recorded, researched, prioritized and addressed.

Vision Statement Our Values
Our vision for the communities of the Pender Harbour and Egmont areas is a friendly and prosperous place that has its citizens actively involved in maintaining, developing and expanding its recreational, social, cultural and economic opportunities while preserving and celebrating its heritage and uniqueness.

We believe our communities goals should be set from within our community. Our Goals will be achieved by volunteer effort, careful planning, cooperation amongst not-for-profit organizations, prioritization of available regional government funding and solicitation of funding from other public and private sources.

Founded in 2013, PHARA is a non-profit volunteer organization which exists to support the interests and needs of residents and visitors of Pender Harbour, Egmont and the rest of Area A. PHARA is involved in the community in many ways, with well-attended regular town hall meetings and committees dealing with the dock management plan, derelict boats, the annual roadside and backwoods trash bash, beach access signage, community volunteer awards and more. As well, PHARA welcomes community input into other projects the association should take on. PHARA believes that all important decisions that affect our communities should be made by those who live, work and play in the areas. The larger the association’s membership, the better it will be able to gain recognition, influence and credibility when dealing with regional, provincial and federal governments. By being part of the association, members gain a stake and say in local affairs and in the direction and future of the area. This helps assure appropriate and full consultation when it comes to issues that affect us all. The more members, the stronger the influence. Contact us at board@phara.ca 

Phone Peter Robson, president at 604 883 9202 or via snail mail at PO Box 15, Madeira Park, BC, V0N 2H0