Timeline of the DMP

News and Media Reports and Studies Section 7 / DMP Land Act Timeline of the DMP
2003   2004   2011          
Decades of turmoil begin as
pressure from the shìshàlh
Nation persuades Land and Water BC to halt the process for foreshore license applications due concerns over the “rights to harvest
  Over 100 people from Pender
Harbour attend a “passionate”
meeting regarding the moratorium on docks with
provincial officials, MLA
Harold Long and members of the
shìshàlh Nation, in the shìshàlh
Nation longhouse July 12.
  The province briefly opens
the process for private moorage applications and
renewals. The process was
subsequently halted Jan. 17,
Aug 2012   Dec 2012   April 2015          
SIB Chief Garry Feschuk blames
the province for failing to achieve
resolution on private moorage
applications in Pender Harbour:
“The proliferation of private
moorages has done significant
damage to Sechelt’s economy,
fisheries and way of life.”
  Pender Harbour dock owners’ open-ended “specific permission”
private moorage tenures are
replaced by fixed term “license’s
of occupation.
  Provincial officials face anger at an open house at the
Pender Harbour Community Hall when they presented a draft DMP that introduces controversial and restrictive dock zoning in Pender Harbour
May 2015   June 2015   Aug 2015          
A petition opposing the DMP “due to lack of meaningful consultation
with residents and property
owners of Pender Harbour,”
receives close to 2,000 signatures
  The DMP draws a boisterous crowd,
and the RCMP, to a meeting at the
Pender Harbour Community Hall
that includes staff from the
shìshàlh Nation and Ministry of
Forests, Lands and Natural
  Province hires consultant
Barry Penner to oversee “further
engagement to identify possible
options for the foreshore lands
before the plan is finalized.”
Penner’s report
was released Feb.12, 2016 with 13 recommendations
including the elimination of the
“red” zoning.
April 2018   Nov 2020   March 2021          
The province releases the “Pender
Harbour Dock Management Plan” despite intense local opposition to
zoning that restricts docks in
certain areas of Pender Harbour.
  First dock approved (in Whiskey Slough) under the 2018 Pender
Harbour Dock Management Plan.
  Province releases the updated
2021 Pender Harbour Dock
Management Plan.
May 2022   Nov 2023              
Some Gunboat Bay (red zone)
property owners were given until
Aug. 31, 2022 to remove their docks according to a letter from the province. Some docks were removed
by government contractors, with
an RCMP escort, in the summer of
  Province releases a controversial
draft amendment “shìshàlh swiya
Dock Managment Plan” that expands the DMP to apply to the entire traditional territory and includes
freshwater docks and a blanket ban
on boathouses.